Recommended Businesses in Herts and Essex

We're based in Hertfordshire, very close to the border with Essex. On this page We'd like to introduce a selection of excellent businesses in Herts and Essex.

CE Structural Steel

CE Marking became mandatory on 1 July 2014 for fabricated structural steelwork. It's essential for construction companies to use contractors who are certified for CE Marking to BS 1090

The rules are enforced by Trading Standards, who have sever penalties at their disposal.

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Freight Forwarding

Exporting isn't easy. However strong a product is, and however good it's USP is, there are a lot of obstacles to be cleared before a product can be sold abroad.

One of this is shipping the product to the market - freight forwarding. Luckily, Arrow Freight Forwarding of Hertford make this a quick, easy and cost effective as possible.

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Waste to Energy

Converting waste to energy is a green dream. Take something that has no possible use, and turn it into useful energy. Divert waste away from landfill, and use it to cut our dependency on fossil fuels as a source of energy.

It's especially valuable in big cities like London, which produce tons of domestic and commercial waste every day. Simply transporting this waste out of the city to a landfill site adds to London's problems of pollution and congestion.

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Document Scanning

Document Scanning helps your business jump from the last century to this century. It turns your bulky, inconvenient paper documents into digital scanned documents that are secure and managed.

Information security is important. You owe it to your staff to keep their personnel records confidential. You owe it to your business to keep some things secret. It's hard to do this when everything is on paper, with no way to control who can access what. After the documents are scanned it's easy : a document management system gives precise, reliable control over who can access what, and an audit trail.

Time is important : time is money. Don't let your staff's time go to waste searching through paper documents for vital information. Scanned documents are indexed, so finding the right piece of paper becomes as easy as dropping the keywords into a search box. Think of it as your own private Google.

Technology is important. Often it is the vital difference between a company that thrives, and one that struggles to survive. Document Scanning helps companies move the latest technologies, without leaving anything behind. All the legacy paper documents are available through all the modern technologies.

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Cloth Embroidered Badges

Premier Badges have 50 years experience of creating top quality badges of all descriptions. Cloth Embroidered Badges are a speciality. They are an ideal way for club members to show off their membership, and for customers to show that they are proud of their purchases. They provide a long-lasting memento of special events such a rallies.

Their clothe embroidered badges are presented as iron-on and sew-on badges and patches.

Premier Badges work hard to make sure your badge lives up to your expectations. They also create enamel metal badges..

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Scented Candle Manufacturer

Scented Candle Manufacturer Stone Glow Candles have been creating superb candles since 1991. It is a family business, with more than 20 years of experience. They specialise in the design, manufacture and packaging of creative handmade candles.

Stoneglow offer a wide range of products, which combine innovation and high quality. Their core ranges are updated twice yearly. They both sell under their own brand name, including via an online store, and develop candles for other companies to sell under their brands.

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