Scented Candles

Scented Candles give off a gentle light and subtle fragrance to enhance any space at any time. We all deserve a little tranquillity every day. We all deserve a gift every day. Give your self the present of a scented candle, and the time to enjoy it.

A gift for anyone, anytime

Scented candles are both simple and sophisticated : a perfect gift for any occasion. They add beauty and atmosphere to any room in any home.

It doesn't matter if the receiver already has candles, or if someone else gives them scented candles, too. They are always welcome, and never go to waste.

Everyone Loves Making Candles

It's creative, and takes skill, practice and patience. That's why we're not too surprised to hear that superstars Whitney Houston and Kim Kardashian took up candle making to add some balance to their busy lives.

Aromatherapy, Your Way

Aromatherapy is increasingly popular, and it's fans believe it can help with a lot of life's problems, including stress and tension. You don't need to consult an aromatherapist to try it out yourself. You can simply choose a scented candles with one of your favourite scents, choose your favourite spot in your home, light the candle, and relax. It's that simple. Aromatherapy whenever you want it, right in your home.

Mindfulness, by candlelight

MIndfulness is a new idea, and a very old one. The idea of watching a candle to calm your thoughts is almost as old as candles themselves. Watch the flame, enjoy the scent, live in the moment, and let everything else go.

Stoneglow Scented Candles

We recommend Stoneglow Scented Candles. They offer a large and varied selection of scented candles, each one of which shows their passion for candle making. Their scented candles are made with a strong commitment to quality. They spend hours testing all their candles for the quality of the scent and the way the candle burns.

Stoneglow's elegantly styled luxury candles are made by hand, using 100% natural candle wax. They are all made by master candle makers in their own works.

Stoneglow value the traditions of candle making, and the legacy of generations of candle makers, and want to pass them on to future generations.

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